Dinko Počanić

D.P. photo
Professor of Physics
Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Research: Precision experimental tests of fundamental symmetries in subatomic systems: exploring the boundaries of the Standard Model of elementary particle and interactions, primarily at low energies.

Main experimental projects:

  • Study of rare pion and muon decays: the PiBeta and PEN experiments at PSI (spokesperson); for more information see the PiBeta and PEN project home pages. Data taking for the PiBeta experiment is completed, data analysis is mostly finished; several processes remain under analysis. The PEN experiment is in the data analysis stage.
  • Study of neutron decay correlation parameters a and b: the Nab experiment at the Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at the Spallation Neutron Source/ORNL (spokesperson). Nab is currently under construction and commissioning at SNS; for more information see the Nab/pNab project home page. Continuing this research program, the subsequent pNab experiment will focus on the A and B spin asymmetry parameters.
  • Precision measurement of the muon precession frequency: the Muon (g-2), E989 eperiment at Fermilab. The goal of E989 is to measure the muon magnetic moment anomaly to the precision of 0.14 parts per million. Data acquisition and analysis are proceeding in parallel. For more information visit the Muon (g-2) experiment home page.

For an up to date list of publications see D.P.'s entry in the inSPIRE database;

University service and professional recognition:

  • Director, Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics: 2011 – present,
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: 2014 – 2020,
  • Physics Department Chair: 2005 – 2010,
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Office: Room 165, Physics Building

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